So, lets start..!

Holo !

Akanksha here, well I need to introduce myself first. So.. am 15 , and I know its a very young age to become a blogger .. but , I love writing . Writing quotes. Writing stories . Writing Poems . Just Writing. Its because I think writing out your thoughts is the best way to deal with the problems and situations in your life ! If you ever have any negative thought about anyone in your life.. just write it down.. and.. burn that paper. Dayumm ! those thoughts are burnt! They are gone ! Magic? I think not!  So here I am and here is my instagram, account : i.love_potatoes

And here is to all those awesome bloggers out there.. ” you know what?! .. you people are amazing . You all write damn good blogs ! you people are my inspiration ! no, like seriously its really very difficult to express your thoughts in form of poems and quotes and to compose them in such a beautiful way! I just wanna be a part of you all. I hope you don’t mind! ”

sincerely , faithfully, honestly yours